Advisory Board

Isabel Fanlo Cortés

Isabel Fanlo Cortés, phd in Human Rights, is an Associate Professor at the Department of Law, University of Genova, where she teaches Sociology of Law and Legal professions, Theories of Justice, Law and Gender. Her main fields of research include: migration and human rights, access to justice, gender studies, with a special focus on the feminist legal theories. On these topics she’s been working in different research projects, and publishing books and essays. She’s co-director of AG-AboutGender, International Journal on Gender Studies ( and she coordinates the editorial board of the journal “Materiali per una storia della cultura giuridica” ( She has been President of the Equal Opportunities Board (“Comitato delle pari opportunità”) of the University of Genova from 2012 to 2018.  She’s currently visiting professor at the Universidad Externado de Colombia (Bogotá, Colombia).

Cettina Di Salvo

Cettina Di Salvo is a lawyer qualified to practice before the Italian Supreme Court, who provides legal consultancy and assistance in civil litigation and insolvency procedures. She holds a PhD in General and International Procedural Law at University of Catania.

She currently participates in the programme of the Academy of European Law (ERA) on Eu Anti-Discrimination for Law professors. She is Member of the international scientific committee of the review Revista Persona y Familia, Instituto de la Familia – Facultad de Derecho UNIFE, Perù.

She was researcher and professor of Civil Procedure at Lumsa University, Department of Law Palermo. She was responsible of the research projects financed by Lumsa University: “The judicial protection against discrimination” (2017-2019), the project involved the Universities of Barcelona (UB), Alicante and Belgrade.

She has been engaged in developing university cooperation agreements and projects with Eu and Non EU countries partner (Serbia, North Macedonia, Belarus, Moldova and Armenia), assuming the role of scientific coordinator.

Itır Bagdadi

Itır Bağdadi is a gender policies consultant to local governments and is currently working on the gender equality action plans of Balçova Municipality in Izmir and Kuşadası Municipality in Aydın. She holds a BS in Communication Arts from St. John’s University, an MBA from the New York Institute of Technology and is a PhD Candidate in the Political Science Department of the City University of New York Graduate Center. She also teaches Economics in the International Baccalaureate program of the American Collegiate Institute in Izmir. Prior to her consultancy work Itir Bagdadi was a lecturer in Political Science at the Izmir University of Economics between 2002-2021 where she was one of the founders of the University’s gender studies research center and served as its director from 2012-2021.Her main areas of research are women and political ambition, gender and local government and gender equality action plans.